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A scribe is a undergraduate, graduate, or medical school student that works alongside the Emergency Room Physician. They complete the EMR(Emergency Medical Record) for each physician in the ED.
Benefit to a student
A student can benefit by becoming a scribe because it is a tremendous learning experience. A scribe has an in depth look into the life of a Emergency Room Physician. They also gain knowledge in medical terminology and abbreviations. They are essentially able to shadow ER physicians and network with many consulting physicians that come to the ER. Scribes are trained to become specialists on details of the EMR and know what is required in each chart.
Benefit to a Physician
A physician can benefit from working with a scribe because it allows him/her to focus more on the patient. It allows the physician to spend more time at the bedside communicating and performing bedside procedures. The physician can also see more patients and increase the pace of the ER.
How a scribe works with a Physician
A scribe will interview a patient with the physician to write the history of the Patient. The Physician will then dictate the Physical Exam to the scribe to input in the EMR. A scribe then is in charge of updating the EMR with laboratory results, radiology results, and documenting procedures. Then the scribe and physician will disposition the patient.