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Overview: The Physician Documentation Assistant (PDA) program launched in 2009 at Sentara Leigh Hospital to provide undergraduate pre-health professional students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the emergency department (ED) by documenting the events of a patient’s visit. It has since expanded to six other EDs in the Hampton Roads, VA area: Sentara Princess Anne ED, Sentara Norfolk General ED, Sentara Obici ED, Sentara BelleHarbour ED, Sentara Virginia Beach ED and Sentara Independence ED (formerly Sentara Bayside ED). 

Members of the PDA program are committed to efficiently completing electronic medical charts with the goal of providing more complete and comprehensive documentation; thus maximizing a physician’s productivity and enabling the physician to devote more time to patient care.

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* To receive college credit, please speak with your school advisor. Credits can range from 1-3 per hour depending on the hours worked.
Disclaimer: Members of the PDA program believe in Equal Opportunity, thus hire applicants regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion, or political affiliation.

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